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Can the vegetables be salted before drying?

Yes quite. Before drying you can add any type of condiments or spices. Salt for carrot chips or beetroot for example or cinnamon for apples. What should I be wary of buying a dehydrator on a website abroad? It is always easier to buy its dehydrator on a site based in France and in French. But for some models the difference in price is worth buying abroad. Here is a list of points to check before buying: check that nesco review the voltage corresponds to your (220V for France) check that the dehydrator have the right reward for your country (otherwise it will be necessary to buy an adapter) Customs duties or VAT depending on the country of purchase (excluding the European Union). Read more »

Can I open my dehydrator during drying?

Yes you can easily open the dehydrator during drying to check the condition of your fruit or take out a tray of completely dried fruit . The top food dehydrator is not completely sealed and drying is more on the air than the stagnant heat in the dehydrator.

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